macOS Sierra and compatibility of Totals 3 and Invoice

October 2nd, 2016

Apple’s new operating system macOS Sierra has some neat features. I hope you enjoy them. We are happy to announce that Totals, starting with version 3.1.4, is fully compatible with macOS Sierra.

We think the time has arrived to say goodbye to our older and Kedisoft’s first program Invoice. In sake of enhancing our flagship software Totals more effectively and due to many obsolete code piled up during the past decade in Invoice, we are forced to put an end to the development of Invoice and will continue our work with Totals and reduce our invoice software to one and only one product.

This means you can expect more frequent updates and new innovative features for Totals :-)

Happy New Year! + Good News For Mac App Store Users

December 29th, 2014

Happy new year, folks! We hope you’re all well.

It’s been a hard year for us, and yet we have enjoyed every single minute. Releasing Totals 3 was one of the most exciting moments of 2014.

It is, however, only the beginning of a series of enhancements to our flagship product. Among adding new features and publishing bugfixes in regular periods, we plan to develop a new major version of Lumina, our time and project tracking tool. We are also playing around with some new ideas to couple Lumina with Totals.

One thing we have to finish yet: Releasing Totals 2.2.13, which addresses Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 compatibility issues, in the Mac App Store. Even though it is an update to the former major version of Totals, we think that we owe our users a working copy of Totals in Yosemite.

Unfortunately, the app is still in a Mac App Store review process and we conclude that it depends on a bug that we had filed in Apple’s bugtracker: It shell fix a bug that prevents sandbox application from sending emails with attachments in

We hope the update in MAS will be available soon. However, this delay made us think about further updates as well. Instead of providing updates through the App Store, we have decided to offer further updates to Totals 2 only through our website, which means version 2.2.13 will be the last update in the App Store.

What does it mean for App Store users? All App Store users will receive a serial number for the website version free of charge. Starting with version 2.2.14, Totals recognizes previously installed App Store versions to register the app.

- How to register Totals 2 using an App Store purchase

- Totals 3 Documentation

We’re unable to offer upgrade pricing for Mac App Store purchases

October 20th, 2014

This is shocking news for Mac App Store users as well as for us:

We were just about to publish a tool that enables to upgrade App Store users to our website Totals 3 version when we were stumbled on the same problem Ken Case from OmniGroup did a year ago

Mac App Store users don’t have serial numbers because they have purchased the app from the Mac App Store. It is not allowed to sell in App Store products that are outside the AppStore. Serial numbers are products outside the store.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give App Store users any discounted prices since this is also considered as selling products outside the App Store as well. This could even cost our developer membership in the Mac App Store.

Our apologies: We’re afraid we will not be able to offer upgrade pricing to our Mac App Store customers after all. So long as we continue to sell our apps through the Mac App Store, we are not allowed to distribute updates through other channels to apps which were purchased from the App Store.

About the new fields “print date” and “email date”

July 5th, 2012

Beginning with version 2.1.2 Totals will track dates when a document was printed and sent via email.
If you are updating from an earlier version, you will notice that existing documents do not have any print and email dates.

If you want to flag your existing documents as ‘printed’ you can easily do that by running a short AppleScript.

tell application "Totals"
  repeat with e in (every entry of first document whose draft is false)
  set print date of e to sent date of e
  end repeat
end tell

To flag your existing documents as ‘emailed’ run the same script with ‘email date’ instead of ‘print date’.

tell application "Totals"
  repeat with e in (every entry of first document whose draft is false)
  set email date of e to sent date of e
  end repeat
end tell

v2.1.2 is the biggest update to Totals 2 ever!

July 4th, 2012

Finally, the long waited features and enhancements are added to version 2.1.2. There are many new features like integrated PayPal button, import of line items from CSV files, more control over document types (which type may decrease the stock count for instance). A little checkbox will decide whether items will be added to a document with cost or gross prices. This can also be configured individually for each document type.

Here is a complete list of the new features:

  • Prepared PayPal checkout button for out of the box usage.
  • Added CSV import for line items.
  • Documents are now configurable for increase/decrease stock counts.
  • Ability to take cost prices when items are added to the document.
  • Support for hyperlinks in layouts. Now you can add clickable buttons to invoices.
  • Now you can track by “print date” and “email date”.
  • Adjustable size for line item descriptions and note input fields.
  • Added configurable limits for auto backup files.
  • Date range to list upcoming invoices is now configurable.
  • Attachment documents are now customizable (via custom fields).
  • Added ‘Department’ field for client contacts.
  • Added ‘Add Payment’ menu item to the context menu for quick access.
  • Support for “Supplier” field in item import (CSV).
  • AppleScript, added ‘render’ command to export entries as PDF.
  • AppleScript, added flags for ‘sent’ and ‘draft’ status.
  • Layout designer, added NOTES placeholder for documents.
  • Layout designer, added REBATE_AMOUNT placeholder for line items.
  • Layout designer, added TOTAL_QUANTITY placeholder.
  • Totals strip symbols and letters from price input fields and have it work flawlessly.
  • Totals 2.1 (Mac App Store) comes in a sandbox

    June 26th, 2012

    Totals 2.1 is a huge step forward. We changed the data structure (all little bit) and made Totals compatible with Mountain Lions sandbox. We removed the need of a database folder, the folder where one can store the database files, instead we introduced a totally document based application, like Numbers and Pages. Double-click a database file will open it in Totals. Also you can move the file wherever you want.

    If you upgrade from Totals 2.0.x to 2.1, you will notice that Totals asks for a database file and for a folder to save the backup files when you start it for the first time. This is totally normal and is necessary to run in a sandboxed environment. All database files and folders are initially not accessible for Totals unless you select them manually within the application. This is why it will ask you for a database file and auto-backup folder

    Opening (default) View in Totals 2

    May 21st, 2012

    When you start Totals it will display the client list by default. This is a design decision to make life easier for newcomers. The only mandatory object to create an invoice is a client. Therefore the client list is the first view that will be displayed when you open Totals.
    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be stuck with it. Totals displays the view of the first node in the source tree. Here is an example how Totals will display draft documents on startup.

    You can even let display already sent invoices by default by dragging the the “Invoice” folder to the first place.

    Color coded Tables in Totals 2

    March 5th, 2012

    Beginning with Totals 2.0.6 tables are represented in color coded style.

    This was a feature request of Invoice 3 users. However, if you don’t like the new style you can revert to the old style at any time.
    Open a Terminal and type the following command.

    defaults write com.kedisoft.Totals KSUsesColorCodedList -bool NO

    That’s all. You should now see the old style table view. If not then reopen the main window or restart Totals.

    New Website, New Blog, New Support Site

    February 15th, 2012

    We spent actively 8 months to bring TOTALS 2 out to the public. But Totals was not the only thing we have renewed.

    We have a new look for our website. Using this opportunity we decided to start a new blog to inform you about the progress of our developments and to share what we have in mind.

    We have also removed the old ticket system. I loved the osTicket system. But it was not the best solution to support users of software products. We wanted something more social and something what users can share with each other.

    We now introduced an easy to use discussion board based on the vanilla forum at

    A new knowledge base site, based on TenderApp, is also available. But we don’t use the discussion forum of Tender. The email notifications take up to 15 minutes to be delivered and the entire website is to slow.

    So, I hope you liked the new website look, discussion board, and not at least, our new product release, TOTALS 2.